John Deere Residential Riding Lawn Equipment Buyer Guide

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Choosing the right deck size is key when picking out your John Deere. For a one acre lot, choose a deck between 36” and 42”. If you’re mowing between one and two acres, look at the decks between 42” and 46”. For tackling more than two acres, your deck should be 48” or larger.

In addition to deck size, it’s also important to consider the horsepower and build-quality based on your lawn care needs. John Deere Lawn Mowers come in a variety of builds perfect for any lot size.

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John Deere Buyer's Guide

Which Residential Riding Mower is Right For Me?

John Deere E100 Series Mower

John Deere E100 Series Mower

The E100 is ideal for homeowners needing an entry-level mower. Each model is designed with helpful features, are built to last for years, and ideal for homes with yards up to 2 acres large. Choose from from 42”, 48” and 54” deck width and receive a two-year warranty with your purchase.

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor is as simple-to-use as ever. Its 48-in. (122 cm) Accel Deep™ Mower Deck lets you mow better and faster while the optional MulchControl™ Kit tells your grass clippings where to go to feed your lawn. Plus, receive a three-year warranty with your new S240.

John Deere X300 Series Mower

John Deere X300 Series

Take on difficult terrain with the X300. Four-wheel and power steering helps tackle tough obstacles, and responsive Twin Touch™ foot pedals offer pinpoint control in forward and reverse. Receive a four-year warranty, Kawasaki Engine, and choice of 42", 48", or 54" decks.

John Deere X500 Series Mowers

John Deere X500
Series Mowers

Choose the X500 Series as the next step up from the X300 Series lawn tractor in terms of size, power and performance. Enjoy power steering, a strong Kawasaki engine, four-wheel steering options, rear-traction differential locking, a choice of 48" or 54" cutting decks, and a superior four-year warranty.

John Deere X700 Signature Series Mower

John Deere X700 Signature
Series Mower

Choose the X700 Signature, available with four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive, and EFI and diesel engines for the ultimate in power and performance. Choose between 48", 54" and 60" drive over decks, rear traction differential options, and liquid cooled level injection options for your Kawasaki engine.

John Deere Residential ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

John Deere Residential
ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

The zero-turn is perfect for homeowners who want a professional-grade cut at home and the fastest possible mow time. These mowers tackle large residential lots with tight corners or hard-to-reach areas. Some models feature a high-capacity mower deck so you can mow even quicker.

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