Precision Ag

***Is your receiver picking up a differential signal?

Please update your receiver software or use the new freq. 1545.9675.***

Still having issues, contact your IS specialist!

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JD Equipment has a staff dedicated to Precision Ag and Integrated Solutions™ training and technical support. We offer an AMS support agreement with a variety of packages and add-ons to choose from so that you can choose the custom solution that's right for you.

Below are the IS Specialists at all of our AG locations:

Washington C.H.
Adam Shepard
(740) 335-2071

Matthew Middleton
(614) 207-4853

Jonathan Francis
(614) 879-6620

Brian Miller
(740) 653-6951


(740) 389-5458

Michael Sweeney
(740) 450-7446