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John Deere Worksite 2017 318G

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John Deere Worksite
2017 318G



We sweat the details so you don’t have to.

The 318G boasts a smooth-running 2.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel engine and a two-speed option to help you pick up the pace on productivity. The redesigned vertical-lift boom rises up to 10 ft. to precisely places pallets. Its low center of gravity, 30-deg. bucket rollback, optional self-leveling, and optional ride control also helps keep buckets full and forks loaded. A swing-out rear door enables easy ground-level access to daily service checkpoints and cooling system components. Large coolers provide increased heat rejection for superior performance in severe, high-load conditions. Spring-applied hydraulically released wet-disc park brakes never need adjustment to help take the pressure off sure stops.

• 25% more cab space
• Clear sightlines above and below boom
• EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV Yanmar diesel engine meet rigid emission regulations
• Vertical-lift boom

• If it’s a more powerful, better-equipped machine you’re seeking, step up to this skid steer. This larger-performance model also offers more options including joystick controls, air conditioning, and ride control, to list just a few.
• Low center of gravity, 30-deg. bucket rollback, optional hydraulic self-leveling, and optional ride control also helps keep buckets full and forks loaded.
• With weights from only 6,375 to 6,475 lb., these compacts are easy to trailer behind a pickup truck.
• Wheel options enable them to slim down and fit through narrow openings.
• Ample axle torque and increased boom and bucket breakout forces help carve out clay, push through piles, and keep the bucket heaped.
• Two-speed option provides faster transport speeds, to help boost productivity.
• Clear sightlines to the cutting edge and bucket corners, above and below the lift arms, and the jobsite ahead and behind instill close-quarters’ confidence.
• New integrated boom tie-down location enables easy access without having to crawl under the machine.

Vertical-Lift Boom
• This reimagined loader with a vertical-lift boom rises high, picks up heavy loads, and delivers remarkable boom- and bucket-breakout forces.
• Plus, a low center of gravity and superior balance provide exceptional agility and stability on slopes.
• The vertical-lift boom offers more lift height and reach at the top of the lift path, for more stability and truck-loading ability.

Engine and Cooling
• Smooth-running turbocharged 2.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesels meet rigid emission standards and pack plenty of power and torque.
• Large coolers provide increased heat rejection for superior performance in severe, high-load conditions. Engine-mounted belt-driven cooling fan delivers efficient, reliable performance.
• A standard automatic shutdown system prevents overheating or low fluids from ruining more than just your day.
• Designed for machines working in cold environments, the optional new cold-start package includes a heavy-duty 925-cca battery, a block-heater kit, and a hydraulic unloader that reduces parasitic loads.

Cab Comfort
• Larger entryways with swing-out doors make it easier to get in, get comfortable, and get on with it. Inside, there’s more productivity-enhancing foot- and legroom.
• Overhead panel conveniently places machine info on the left, control switches to the right. Easy-to-read LCD monitor provides a wealth of info and control — including vital operating conditions and advanced diagnostics.
• Optional sealed-switch module provides amenities such as keyless start and anti-theft settings, plus fingertip activation of numerous machine functions including optional ride control and hydraulic self-leveling.
• Like all John Deere machines, personal-protection features abound. In-cab-activated boom lock and triple-interlock operator-presence system help keep harm’s way at bay.
• Low-effort foot pedals are standard on skid steers; manual hand controls are available. Optional electrohydraulic (EH) joysticks are available.
• For year-round comfort, air conditioning is available.
• Optional LED light package with integrated side lighting provides unsurpassed all-round illumination.
• Adjustable high-back sculpted seat provides daylong comfort and support. For even more comfort, a heated air-ride seat is available on all models.

• Incorporating many of the same durability and reliability features found on our larger machines, the G-Series is as tough as they come.
• Oil-bathed final-drive chains withstand daily punishment and never need adjustment. Beefed-up drive sprockets also deliver long-term durability.
• Refueling and other fluid additions are convenient and quick. Generous tank capacity and fuel-efficient diesels enable daylong operation, letting you accomplish more between fill-ups.
• Large cross-section boom arms and heavy-duty upper links deliver the stamina to endure tough tasks, for long-term durability.
• O-ring face-seal hydraulic fittings virtually eliminate aggravating and costly oil leaks.
• Switches and electrical connectors are sealed from moisture and dirt, to help resist corrosion.
• Spring-applied hydraulically released wet-disc park brakes never need adjustment, to help take the pressure off sure stops.

• Swing-out rear door enables easy, ground-level access to daily service checkpoints and cooling system components. If major component access is necessary, the ROPs can be tilted in less than five minutes.
• Redesigned Quik-Tatch system is optimized for effortless reach to grease zerks, minimizing maintenance time and expense.
• Swing open the rear door and tilt up the hood for convenient ground-level access to dipsticks, fuel- and fluid-filler necks, and filters. For easy drivetrain access, the operator’s station also swings up and out of the way in less than five minutes.
• Hinged rear door and hydraulic cooler swing open, making trash removal and core cleanout easier.
• If you’re a neat freak or run a rental yard, you’ll appreciate the convenient floor access that helps speed cleanout.
• Color-coded handles and caps on conveniently positioned dipsticks and filler necks simplify checks and additions.
• See-through reservoirs and sight gauges let you see fuel, hydraulic oil, and windshield washer fluid levels at a glance.

Worksite Pro Attachments
• With over 100 models of Worksite Pro™ attachments available, your G-Series machine can be hooked up with a wide variety of options. And with the universal Quik-Tatch™, you can go from bucket, to forks, to whatever, in just seconds.
• Choose from rock, multipurpose, construction, utility, and tooth buckets in varying widths and capacities. New grading-heel bucket excels at back dragging.
• Brush, scrap, and utility grapples employ two hydraulic-actuated dual-action tongs for superior retention of a wide variety of materials.
• Equipped with a snow blower, snow pusher, utility blade, or angle broom, the G-Series machine makes quick work of clearing whatever winter drops your way.
• Perfect for concrete or asphalt flatwork, our angle brooms, vibratory rollers, cold planers, hydraulic breakers, and wide variety of buckets let you hit the road running.
• Landscape and nursery options include rotary tillers, planetary augers, pallet forks, power rakes, landplanes, dozer blades, and roller levels, to list just a few.
• For handling hay, cleaning pens, rebedding stalls, or numerous other agricultural chores, add utility grapples, material/manure scrapers, pallet forks, bale spears, and buckets to get it done.

• Chrome exhaust stack
• Engine air precleaner kit
• Cold-weather starting package
• Transmission, 2 speed
• Connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers
• Keyless-start sealed-switch module with integrated anti-theft system
• Deluxe LED lighting package with additional side lights (2)
• Vinyl cab enclosure
• Glass cab enclosure
• Sliding/locking glass side windows
• Deluxe vinyl suspension seat
• Air-ride cloth, heated seat
• Air-ride vinyl seat
• Heater with defroster
• Air conditioning with heater/defroster
• Hydraulic self-leveling on/off and ride control
• Electrohydraulic (EH) ISO-pattern joystick controls
• EH joystick performance package
• Manual hands-only controls with foot throttle
• AM/FM/Weather-Band (WB) radio with auxiliary input
• Floor mat with left footrest
• Severe-duty cab door and wiper system
• Boom-mounted side mirrors
• Power Quik-Tatch
• Hydraulic self-leveling on/off
• Rear counterweights (2), 45.36 kg (100 lb.)
• Single-point lift kit
• Tire options

• Lift Geometry: Vertical

• Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
• Engine Model: 4TNV86CHT
• Emission Rating: Tier 4
• Aspiration: Turbo
• Displacement, ltr (Inches³): 2.1 (128)
• Rated Engine Speed, rpm: 2600
• SAE Net Power, kW (hp): 45.6 (61)
• SAE Gross Power, kW (hp): 48.5 (65)
• Max. Gross Torque, Nm (lbf / ft): 207 (153)
• Drive Chain Rating [ANSI]: 80 - HD
• Tire size - Standard: 10 x 16.5

• Length - No Bucket, mm (inches): 2630 (103)
• Length - With Bucket, mm (inches): 3240 (127.6)
• Width - No Bucket, mm (inches): 1600 (62.9)
• Overall Height, mm (inches): 1960 (77.2)
• Ground Clearance, mm (inches): 180 (7)
• Wheelbase, mm (inches): 1050 (41.5)
• Rear Departure Angle, °: 22.3
• Height to Hinge Pin, mm (inches): 3050 (120)
• Dump Angle, °: 42
• Dump Height - Maximum, mm (inches): 2400 (94.3)
• Reach - Max Dump Height, mm (inches): 860 (34)
• Rollback - Ground Level, °: 30

• Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US): 71 (19)

• Rated Operating Capacity - Optional Counterweight, kg (lbs): 951 (2095)
• Rated Operating Capacity, kg (lbs): 883 (1945)
• Tipping Capacity (SAE), kg (lbs): 1766 (3890)
• Axle Torque - Maximum, Nm (lbf / ft): 6459 (4764)
• Speed - Maximum, kph (mph): 11.1 (6.9)
• Speed - Maximum Option, kph (mph): 16.3 (10.1)
• Breakout - Lift, kN (lbf): 22.2 (5000)
• Breakout - Bucket, kN (lbf): 26.6 (6000)
• Hydraulic Power, kW (hp): 23.159 (31)
• Pump Output, lt/min (gallons (US) / min): 59 (16)
• System Pressure, bar (PSI): 237.87 (3450)

• Operating Weight, kg (lbs): 2940 (6475)