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John Deere Worksite 2017 304K

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John Deere Worksite
2017 304K



Performance meets convenience.

Convenience is key when it comes to productivity. With an 8,091 lb. full-turn tipping load, 3 ft. 1-in. reach, and 11 ft.-1 in. height to hinge pin, the 304K Compact Loader is an efficient alternative to skid steers for loading trucks or placing pallets. The standard-equipped canopy provides quick entrance/exit to their weatherproof interior, and a low profile enables easy access to close quarters. Ask your dealer about the low-cost, highly productive 304K Compact Loader today.


Attachments –

• Several Worksite Pro attachments are compatible with our skid steers, compact track loaders, and 244J Loader. So you can maximize utilization and make the most of your investment.
• The pushbutton-actuated skid-steer-style coupler lets an operator attach and release attachments quickly from the seat. What's more, the coupler doesn't require special adapters that reduce bucket breakout or rollback.
• Pickup brooms let you sweep up dust and debris, and haul it away or deposit it in a dumpster.
• Blades, buckets, and pushers make these loaders naturals for removing whatever winter drops your way.
• For moving mulch, shuttling sand, or carving through clay, we've got the right bucket for the job. Capacities range from 0.8 to 1.6 m3 (1.0 to 2.1 cu. yd.).
• Like their green-and-yellow siblings, these loaders are right at home on the farm. Equipped with bale spear, forks, or bucket, these highly maneuverable machines handle a multitude of chores.
• Scrap grapples let you move a variety of materials, from bales to branches. Two hydraulic-actuated dual-action tongs provide firm material retention.

Cab Comfort –

• Air-conditioned low-profile cab provides year-round comfort and foul-weather material handling or snow removal.
• Expansive curved tinted glass and narrow corner posts enhance visibility.
• ROPS-certified open-canopy models are perfect for applications requiring the operator to frequently get on and off the machine.
• Open-canopy models are designed to withstand the elements, with weather-resistant gauges, extended rooftops, nonskid floor mats, and optional vandal proofing.
• Elastic articulation at the pivot point smooths the ride for greater load retention and reduced operator fatique.

Controls –

• Fingertip control of the coupler, travel speed, park brake, lights, and other machine functions are close and convenient.
• Boom and bucket, FNR, and differential lock are controlled by the same low-effort joystick for convenient one-hand operation.

Engine –

• Field-proven ultra-reliable diesels meet EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIA regulations without aftertreatment devices.
• Cooler cores are easily accessible for quick clean-out. Engine-mounted belt-driven cooling fan delivers efficient, reliable performance.

Monitor and Electrical System –

• Easy-to-read monitor displays engine, cooling, and hydraulic system status, as well as numerous operational settings.
• Ultra-reliable electrical system minimizes the number of wires, mechanical relays, and unsealed connections for maximum durability and uptime.

Productivity –

• Just 2.47-m (8 ft.) tall, our K-Series Compacts deliver lower clearance than many wheel loaders in their class, and are a full foot lower than our 244J.
• Low center of gravity and exceptional balance yield impressive stability and full- turn tipping-load capacities. Precise parallel control over the entire lift range helps ease material handling.
• Articulated steering delivers a tight turn radius for excellent close-quarters maneuverability and fast work cycles.
• Limited-slip differential lock automatically delivers the power to the tire with the best traction for extra bucket-filling effort.
• Tapered lift arms and single boom and bucket cylinders enhance visibility without sacrificing breakout force.

Serviceability / Uptime –

• Lockable easy-open tilting hoods provide convenient, ground-level access to daily checkpoints. Transverse-mounted engine provides convenient access to dipsticks and filler necks.
• Easy-access vertical filters and environmental drains make fluid changes quick and clean.
• Convenient maintenance and lube chart helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked.
• Ground-level fuel fill and see-through coolant reservoir are close and convenient to help simplify daily servicing.


• Capacity: Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))- 50 (13.2)
• Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))- 90 (23.8)
• Axle - Front, ltr (gallons (US)) - 6 (1.6)
• Axle - Rear, ltr (gallons (US)) - 6 (1.6)
• Transmission, ltr (gallons (US))- 1 (0.275)
• Std bucket cap heaped, m³ (yd³)- 0.8 (1)
• Smallest bucket capacity, m³ (yd³)- 0.8 (1)
• Largest bucket capacity, m³ (yd³)- 1.6 (2.1)
• Breakout force std bucket, kgf (lbf) - 5370 (11839)
• System Voltage, V - 12
• Alternator Output, Amp- 80
• Pump Type- Gear
• Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)- 77 (20)
• System Pressure, bar (PSI)- 230 (3335)
• Dimensions: Height - Over Cab, mm (ft/in)- 2470 (8 ft )
• Wheelbase, mm (ft/in)- 2150 (7 ft 1 in)
• Overall length inc std bucket, mm (ft/in)- 5520 (18 ft 1 in)
• Ground clearance std tire, mm (inches)- 330 (13)
• Width Over tires - Std, mm (ft/in)- 1780 (5 ft 10 in)
• Height - Pivot Pin, mm (ft/in)- 3370 (11 ft 1 in)
• Reach - At 2130mm 45° Dump, mm (ft/in)- 1600 (5 ft 4 in)
• Turning Circle - Maximum, mm (ft/in)- 9110 (29 ft 11 in)
• Weight: Operating Weight, kg (lb) - 5796 (12778)

General Information

• Construction: Dump Height, mm (ft/in)- 2620 (8 ft 7 in)
• Reach at Full Height, mm (ft/in)- 930 (3 ft 1 in)
• Tipping Load - Straight, kg (lbs)- 4000 (9171)


• Driveline: Engine Manufacturer- YANMAR
• Engine Model - 4TNV98
• Emission Rating -Interim Tier 4
• Displacement, ltr (Inches³)- 3.3 (203)
• Rated Speed, rpm- 2400
• Engine Output - Net, kW (hp)- 48 (64)
• Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) - 239 (176) @ 1600 rpm
• Transmission Type- Hydrostatic
• Tire size - Standard - 405 / 70 R18 - Dunlop
• Service Brake - Type- Wet Disc
• Service Brake - Location - All Wheels
• Service Brake - Actuation- Hydraulic
• Parking Brake - Type- Wet Disc