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2017 John Deere 620R MSL on 6105R/M, 6115R/M, and 6125R/M Loader

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John Deere
620R MSL on 6105R/M, 6115R/M, and 6125R/M Loader



The 620R is a premium loader that brings bigger lift capacity, more lift height, higher volume and faster changeover compared to the standard-setting John Deere H-Series Loaders. Simplified loader attachment and removal, as well as fast implement changes make the R Series great for increasing productivity.

Key Features
  • Single-point hydraulic connection saves time
  • Loader options to improve productivity
  • Boom lockout for easy service
  • Concealed oil lines improve appearance and reduce damage
  • Loader removal (parking) made easy
  • False rod bucket cylinders improve productivity mechanical self-leveling (MSL) only
Attachment carrier
  • Global carrier with automatic implement latching
Mounting frame
  • Mounting frames
Loader configuration
  • Bucket-level indicator
  • Loader boom built for durability
  • Industrial-quality Hydro-Max™ 120 Series cylinders
  • Loader mast connection
  • Mechanical self-leveling (MSL) linkage keeps the load level
  • R-Series Loaders have easy access to loader service points
Hood guards
  • Hood guard for Final Tier 4 (FT4) 6R Series Tractors
  • Grapple for material retention and improved efficiency
  • Replaceable bucket cutting edge for added bucket durability
  • Digging teeth to enhance loader productivity
  • Heavy-duty buckets
  • High-volume buckets
  • Materials bucket
Hydraulic hoses and controls
  • Hoses and parts
Hydraulic connection
  • Mid-mounted quick couplers
  • Single-point hydraulic connection to save time
Technical drawing
  • Technical drawing: View diagram
  • Model: 6105R/M, 6115R/M, 6125R/M
  • Front tire: 480/70R24
  • Rear tire: 520/70R38
  • Front axle configuration: MFWD with Limited Slip Differential
  • Wheelbase: 102 in.
  • Pump capacity, gpm: 30.1 gpm
  • Rated pressure, psi: 2901 psi
  • Leveling configuration: Mechanical Self Leveling (MSL)
  • Bucket used: 2150HD Grapple
  • Bucket weight, lb (kg): 619 lb
  • Lift capacity at full height, lb (kg): ---
  • Measured at pivot (U): 5176 lb
  • Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V): ---
  • Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (V): 4829 lb
  • Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm), lb (kg): ---
  • Measured at pivot (W): 5922 lb
  • Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X): ---
  • Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (X): 5580 lb
  • Boom breakout force, lbf (kgf): ---
  • Measured at pivot (Y): 6627 lbf
  • Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z): ---
  • Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (Z): 5613 lbf
  • Bucket rollback force capacity, lbf (kgf): ---
  • At maximum height (VV): 5364 lbf
  • At 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX): 9482 lbf
  • At ground-level line (ZZ): 9343 lbf
  • Dimensions: ---
  • Maximum lift height, in. (mm) (A): 163 in.
  • Clearance: ---
  • At full height - bucket level, in. (mm) (B): 153 in.
  • At full height - bucket dumped, in. (mm) (C): 123 in.
  • Overall length (I+F), ft (m): 16.2 ft
  • Overall height in carry position, ft (m) (J): ---
  • Digging depth, in. (mm) (H): 2 in.
  • Reach: ---
  • At maximum height, in. (mm) (D): 32 in.
  • At ground level - bucket level, in. (mm) (F): 99 in.
  • Bucket angle: ---
  • Dump angle, degrees (E): -59 degree (angle)
  • Rollback angle, degrees (G): 48 degree (angle)
  • Dump angle, ground: -99 degree (angle)
  • Cycle times: ---
  • Loader raise, seconds: 3.37 seconds
  • Loader lower, seconds: 2.53 seconds
  • Bucket dump, seconds: 1.81 seconds
  • Bucket rollback, seconds: 1.81 seconds
  • Date collected: ---



Maximum Lift Height
163 in.


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