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2017 John Deere 3033R


3033R (BIG)

3033R (BIG)

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John Deere


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$19,935 is for Tractor only - other attachments additional
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Building, mowing, digging, tilling - sunrise to sunset - it’s all in a day’s work. That’s why we made the new 3R Series Compact Utility Tractors premium in every aspect… and literally from the ground up.

So what does “premium” feel like? Durable, heavy-duty frames for increased weight and more power to the ground. Rugged diesel engines pumping out up to 46 engine horsepower. High-capacity hydraulics that make loader work effortless. Multiple tough transmission options. Standard four wheel drive. An open operator station, or a climate controlled cab for year-round productivity. Easy-to-use controls and an ergonomic seat that’s still comfortable after a 15 hour day… that’s what a truly premium operating experience feels like. That’s how we run. And you’ll feel it… Because when workdays run long, Nothing Runs Like a Deere.

  • Powerful and reliable Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • AutoConnect™ deck compatible for deck attach/detach in seconds
  • Cab or Open Station configuration available
  • PowrReverser™ or E-hydro transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals
  • Family: EYDXL1.64NDA / FYDXL1.64NDA / GYDXL1.64NDA
  • Manufacturer: Yanmar
  • Engine model: 3TNV88C-MJT
  • Engine power (gross): 23.7 kW/32.2 hp
  • Power take-off (PTO) power: Gear 4WD (four-wheel drive) - 18.5 kW/24.8 hp; Hydrostatic transmission (HST) 4WD - 18.1 kW/24.3 hp
  • Rated engine speed: 2600 rpm
  • Type: Diesel
  • Injection pump type: High pressure common rail direct injection
  • Aspiration: Natural
  • Emissions compliance: Final Tier 4
  • Cylinders/displacement: 3 / 1.64 L3 / 100 cu in.
  • Number of cylinders: Three
  • Cylinder liners: Cast-in-block
  • Bore and stroke: 88x90 mm/3.46x3.54 in.
  • Compression ratio: 19.1:1
  • Lubrication: Pressurized
  • Cooling system: Water pump
  • Air cleaner: Dual element with electronic restriction indicator
  • Engine torque at rated speed: 87 Nm/64.2 lb-ft
  • Fuel tank capacity: Rollover protective structure (ROPS): 51.1 L/13.5 U.S. gal.; Cab: 44.7 L/11.8 U.S. gal.
  • Battery size: 500 CCA
  • Alternator (12-V): 75 amp
  • Starter size: 1.4 kW/1.9 hp
Fuel System
  • Type: High pressure common rail direct injection
  • Fuel consumption: 7.6 L/hr/2.0 U.S. gal.
  • *Fuel consumption rate should be used for comparison purposes only
  • Standard transmission; forward/reverse: Gear 4WD / eHydro (electronic hydrostatic)
  • Left-hand reverser: Yes
  • Transmission gear ranges: 12F/12R PowrReverser (PRT) 3-range, infinitely variable
  • Final drive: Bull Gear
  • Brakes: Multi-plate wet disc
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
  • Clutch, wet/dry: Wet disc
  • Front: 720-1450 kg/1587-3197 lb
  • Rear: 2400 kg/5292 lb
  • Creeper: SpeedMatch optional
  • Cruise control: Standard
  • Differential lock: Yes
  • Type: Open center
  • Pump rated output: 54.5 L/min/14.4 gpm
  • Steering: 22.3 L/min/5.9 gpm
  • Implement: 32.5 L/min/8.6 gpm
  • Pump type: Dual gear
  • Maximum operating pressure: 172.4 bar/2500 psi
  • Draft control sensing: Position control
  • Remote control valves available: Up to four rear remotes
3-point Hitch
  • Category: Category 1
  • Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms: 998 kg/2200 lb
Power Take-Off (PTO)
  • Standard: Independent Rear - 540 rpm
  • Optional: Mid - 2100 rpm
  • Control: Position control
  • Clutch: Wet disc
  • Brake (for mid and rear PTO): Multi-plate wet disc
  • Engagement method: Electro-hydraulic
Fluid Capacities
  • Crankcase with filter: 4.8 L/5.1 qt
  • Transmission and hydraulic system: 23.8 L/6.3 U.S. gal.
Final Drive
  • Type: Bull Gear
Operator Station
  • Type: Foldable
  • Platform - flat/straddle: Flat
  • Gear shift location - console/floor: Left-hand side
  • Compliance: Complies with OSHA, SAE, and CSA standards for roll-over protection
  • Visibility: 360 degree (angle)
  • Doors: Two
  • Noise rating: 80 dBA
  • Wheelbase: 172.7 cm/68 in.
  • Front axle clearance: 31 cm/12.2 in.
  • Turning radius with brakes: 2.7 m/8.8 ft
  • Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab): ROPS: 1315.4 kg/2900 lb; Cab: 1619.3 kg/3570 lb
  • Front: Farm - 7-14/ Turf (Gear 4WD) - 27x8.50-15/ Turf (HST 4WD) - 25x10.5LLx15 R4 - 25x8.5-14
  • Rear: Farm - 11.2-24/ Turf (Gear 4WD) - 41x14-20/ Turf (HST 4WD) - 41x18LL-16.1 R4 - 15-19.5
  • Front tread range: 114 cm/44.9 in.
  • Rear tread spacing: 103.1 cm/40.6 in.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
32.2 hp (23.7 kW)
Gear 4WD: 24.8 hp (18.5 kW); HST 4WD: 24.3 hp (18.1 kW)
Rated RPM
2600 rpm
Bore and Stroke
3.46x3.54 in. (88x90 mm)


68 in. (172.7 cm)
ROPS: 2900 lb. (1315.4 kg); Cab: 3570 lb. (1619.3 kg)
Ground Clearance
12.2 in. (31 cm)
Tire Size
Front: Farm - 7-14/ Turf (Gear 4WD) - 27x8.50-15/ Turf (HST 4WD) - 25x10.5LLx15 R4 - 25x8.5-14 ; Rear: Farm - 11.2-24/ Turf (Gear 4WD) - 41x14-20/ Turf (HST 4WD) - 41x18LL-16.1 R4 - 15-19.5


Fuel System
High pressure common rail direct injection
Fuel Capacity
ROPS: 13.5 U.S. gal. (51.1 L); Cab: 11.8 U.S. gal. (44.7 L)
Gear 4WD; Optional: eHydro (electronic hydrostatic)
Wet disc
Type: Open center ; Pump rated output: 14.4 gpm (54.5 Lpm)


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