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John Deere Precision Ag™

JD Equipment has become one of the few dealerships across the nation to receive John Deere’s Precision Ag certification. The John Deere Precision Ag certification is given to dealers who achieve specific milestones in relation to growing their Integrated Solutions (IS) segment of their business.

John Deere Precision Ag and Integrated Solutions are a series of products, technology and solutions that allow farmers to meet their business needs now and in the future. Dealers who utilize these programs offer solutions for their customers in relation to machine optimization, logistics optimization, and agriculture decision support. These programs allow users to run their equipment most efficiently using precision technology and wireless, mobile data networks. This in turn allows for higher levels of productivity, increased uptime, and an availability of quality data to enable proactive management decisions.

JD Equipment has been offering technology services to their customers for many years. John Deere’s Integrated Solutions model has four stages dealerships can achieve. JD Equipment has achieved this designation by proving they can properly utilize the complete solutions approach for their customers.

Because of this certification, JD Equipment is able to order and sell an exclusive line of Precision Ag products. JD Equipment offers their customers additional services including maintenance, customer support, software setup, data analysis, monitoring, training and many more.

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