Fall Expo

Fall Expo 2016 - August 26 - JD Equipment London

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Combine Education Class

Adjustments and optimization for improved grain quality through the machine, header and platform maintenance and adjustments, settings for loss minimization and grain quality on rotor combines.

Precision Ag Class

We will cover what's new with Precision Ag tools for productivity and MyJohnDeere.com. We will also cover preseason setup files, measuring offsets and software updates. In-season topics such as documentation setup, guidance calibration and crop yield/moisture calibrations will be discussed in this class. Lastly, we will cover postseason items such as data retrieval, yield reports and post harvest yield calibration.

Nutrient Management Class

Harold Watters, OSU Extension, will provide some insight on the impact of responsible nutrient application. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore some of the new product application tools during our walk-a-round of the 2510H Dry Nutrient Applicator, 360 Yield Center suite of products along with the Hagie lineup of sprayers added to the JD fleet. CCA credits will be available for those interested (0.5 NM, 0.5 SW).

Field Prep Class

Come hear about our field activities from this year, winter wheat and ExactEmerge beans. Also come see power shut down results and learn how to best optimize your machine for fall.