Boss Snowplow. $99 Install Special

JD Equipment is an official dealer of the Boss Snow plows and offering central Ohio a special $99 installation offer.
Boss is the leader in industry for snow and ice removal equipment.

2017 STIHL HSA 66

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HSA 66



  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology - Caring for Nature: The STIHL Inc. “Caring for Nature” seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious, producing zero or low exhaust emissions. STIHL Inc. defines “low exhaust emissions” as being cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.
  • Double-Sided Cutting Blades: STIHL hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut both directions.
  • Two-Handed Design: Equipment with this feature is easily started by activating switches on the loop handle and the rear handle at the same time. The cutting speed can be adjusted using the rear trigger control, allowing for a fine and precise cut. The two-handed design is suitable for both left and right-handed users.
  • Ergonomic Loop Handle: The ergonomic loop handle is ideal for making cuts in any direction.
  • Tip Protector: The tip protector makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier while protecting the trimmer’s cutters from damage.
  • Functional Design: The engine housing has smooth surfaces and round contours that help to keep it from getting caught on branches during use. The design also makes cleaning easy.
  • Blade Scabbard: The blade cover helps protect the cutting blade during storage and transport.
  • Vertical Hanging Slot: The built-in hanging slot allows for easy storage when not in use.
  • Weight w/o Battery: 3.1 kg. (6.8 lb.)
  • Weight w/ AP 100: 3.9 kg. (8.6 lb.)
  • Weight w/ AP 300: 4.9 kg. (10.6 lb.)
  • Blade Length: 20 in. (500 mm) dual-sided
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3,000
  • Run Time (w/ AP 100): Up to 60 minutes
  • Run Time (w/ AP 300): Up to 180 minutes
  • Run Time (w/ AP 900): Up to 660 minutes
  • Power Source: Battery



Cutting Length
20 in. (500 mm)
Cutter Type
w/o Battery: 6.8 lb. (3.1 kg.); w/ AP 100: 8.6 lb. (3.9 kg.); w/ AP 300: 10.6 lb. (4.9 kg.)