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John Deere hay equipment, mower conditioners, round and square balers, tedders at London, Lancaster, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Marion, New and Used.

Hay & Forage

  • 900 Series Mower-Conditioners

    For extra-wide cutting in your largest fields, get the versatile performance of a 900 Series MoCo. The 946 Mower-Conditioners offer a wide cutting width without sacrificing in-field maneuverability or performance. With a cutting width of 13 feet on the 946, MoCo’s will make short work of your largest fields.


    946 | 956

  • 8 Series Round Balers

    With their DiamondTough triple weave belts, MegaWide pick-ups and square-wire MegaTough teeth that stand up to tough crops, 8 Series Balers have reliability built into every component.


    448 Round Baler | 458 Round Baler | 458 | 468 Silage Special | 458 Silage Special | 468 Silage Special | 558 | 568

  • Rotary Platforms

    The rotary cutterbar in the 994 and 995 Rotary Platforms quickly cuts the thickest, tallest, heaviest hay. Plus, exclusive V-10 conditioning rolls are available for the 995 Platform.


    994 Rotary Platform | 995 Rotary Platform

  • 400 Series Windrowers

    Faster speed. Increased horsepower. An innovative new suspension for a smoother ride and more control. The all-new 400 Series Windrowers has taken John Deere performance to the next level.


    A400 | R450

  • 5 Series Disk Mowers

    Get a quick, clean cut with John Deere Rotary Disk Mowers. The enclosed-gear drive protects the cutterbar for lasting performance and value.


    265 | 275 | 285

  • Wheel Rakes

    Frontier rakes offer efficient operation, rugged reliability and an economical price. Choose from a selection of wheel and rotary rakes to get the right match for your operation.


    WR11 | WR41 | WR43 | WR10 | WR14 | WR30 | WR33 | WR34 | WR12 | WR22 | WR23 | WR21

  • SPFH Hay Pickups

    Available in single and double windrow widths, John Deere hay pickups feature a low profile design to help you harvest all the crop in the windrow.


    630C | 640C | 645C

  • SPFH Corn Headers

    With John Deere's complete line of row-independent headers, there's a match for every operation. Count on a large-drum cutterhead for high perfomance in dense, high-tonnage crops.


    676 | 678 | 684 | 686 | 690 | 692 | 698 | 770

  • 7080 Series Self Propelled Forage Harvesters

    From forage quality to fuel efficiency, from traction to transport speed, the 7080 Series Self Propelled Forage Harvesters provide the control you need for uncompromising perfomance.


    7180 | 7280 | 7380 | 7480 | 7580 | 7780 | 7980

  • Pull Type Forage Harvesters

    Get better quality of cut while using less fuel! John Deere Pull Type Forage Harvesters deliver more tons of crops per hour while using less fuel, thanks to the efficient Dura-Drum cutterhead.


    3955 | 3975

  • 600 Series Mower Conditioners

    Any crop and any field. Count on a John Deere Mower Conditioner to deliver a clean cut and speed dry down. 600 Series MoCo's come with an unmatched 3-year cutterbar warranty.


    625 | 630 | 635

  • Small Square Balers

    Consistent square bales start with a John Deere small square baler. No matter what you're baling, they deliver dependable perfomance to help you get your hay in.


    328 | 338 | 348

  • 800 Series Mower-Conditioners

    Back-and-forth mowing is easy with the mid-pivot 800 Series. Plus, the rotary cutterbar is backed by John Deere's unmatched 3-year cutterbar warranty.


    830 | 835

  • 9 Series Round Balers

    The 9 Series was designed to strengthen your operation. We created our new round balers with the strongest, most durable components. By making the core of the baler stronger, we built a machine that produces the best bales possible. The better the bale, the better you can preserve high-quality hay for greater livestock feed ... improving your overall business.


    449 Round Baler | 459 Round Baler | 459 Silage Special | 459 Standard | 469 Premium | 469 Round Baler | 469 Silage Special | 559 Round Baler | 559 Silage Special | 569 Premium | 569 Round Baler | 569 Silage Special | 854 Silage Special

  • 972 Flail Chopper

    The rugged, simple design of the 972 Flail Chopper provides dependable performance. Two rows of double-edged knives cut the standing crop and lift it to a transfer auger. The 12-in., 300-rpm auger then moves the material to a knife-equipped fan where three blades size the forage even further.


    972 Flail Chopper

  • Front-Mount and Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioners

    The 10-foot 2-inch rotary cutterbar can be teamed with a side-pull, center-pivot, or twin rear-mounted mower-conditioner to increase efficiency and productivity.


    131 | 388

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